Get your students engaged

Are you an educator with a difficult to engage student body looking to spice things up?
Talk to us about packages. We know your institution has the budget.

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There’s an entire world out there to explore and analyze

Academia has this odd problem of not being particularly well suited to prepare students for the world ahead of them. And believe us, we know: we speak relatively frequently at educational institutions. But here’s the upside - there’s something to be done about it. Get in touch with us to discuss how to drastically improve your students’ engagement with their course of study.

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There’s so much to do throughout Japan’s dynamic landscape, so it’s difficult for us to estimate what an average cost of a trip looks like. We’re totally open to negotiation, though, so get in touch and we can work together to figure out a plan that helps to expand the minds of the next generation!

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This all depends on what you want to do. We can coordinate a 5-day sociological trip through Tokyo’s underground venues, book a week long session for budding musicians with our partnered recording studio, take environmentalists through the Northeast coast of Honshu to discuss how music has helped rebuild communities following the 2011 tsunami, and more.