November 2019 - Anvil

November 2019 - Anvil

3,500.00 4,000.00

Minimum number of participants for this to happen: 4

What this means: You can purchase 1 package, but unless we hit the 4 person threshold by a month prior to the dates, your purchase will be refunded.

Anvil has been crafting pounding Heavy Metal for longer than most other bands in the industry - a whopping 42 years! And you better believe they still have the chops to make your head bang all night long. We’re super excited to be offering this slaying package of Metal madness!

Another very neat thing about this offering: Anvil is absolutely huge in Japan, with a rabid fanbase that dates back to the 80’s and is part of the reason the movie The Story of Anvil was made. If you’re interested in getting blunt-force exposure to the Japanese longhairs from days past, this is an absolutely perfect chance to do so!

Anvil in Japan?! Yes, please!

This package is largely centered around the 2 Anvil shows in Tokyo, but there’s so much more to do. Here’s a run down of what you’ll get with the package, and what you can add on to it!

What is included:

  • A devoted guide fluent in Japanese and with over a decade of experience in Japan’s underground scene!

  • Airfare and hotel costs are included! We take care of all the logistics so you can relax and enjoy the show!

    • 1 person per hotel room unless otherwise notified

    • Note: Japanese hotels are priced by the person, not by room. So even if you squeeze 15 people into 1 room, you’ll still be paying for 15 people at the going rate.

  • Record shopping around Tokyo!

  • A party at Yokohama’s heralded Thrash Zone brewpub!

  • Pre-paid tickets for both Anvil concerts!

  • Pre-paid transit cards that, in theory, you could use to travel the entire country!

  • An orientation package upon purchase that will get you prepped for Japan!

But, if you’re looking to step up your metal adventure in Japan game, you might also consider:

What you can add (additional charges may apply):

As we retain no liability for any accidents on any of our trips, we highly suggest that you look into travel insurance to ensure that even if things hit the fan, you’ll be covered in something other than, well, you know.