Asakusa Deathfest (October 2018)

Asakusa Deathfest (October 2018)


Join us in Tokyo for a tour of Japan’s extreme underground music scene, which comprises hundreds of venues and thousands of bands, and yet is largely inaccessible to the uninitiated. We believe that at the heart of every scene, there’s a unifying force that can connect people across borders, obliterate prejudices, and birth lifelong friendships. Our goal is to make these experiences available to heavy music lovers like you.

Come thrash your way through Halloween with us at Tokyo’s kvltest extreme music festival, Asakusa Deathfest! Now in its 3rd year, ADF and their brutal band of… bands hailing from across Asia, Europe and the Americas reign in blood for 3 days in the cavernous dungeon that is Gold Sounds in the eponymous Asakusa district of Eastern Tokyo. Home to the Kaminarimon Thunder Gate, the Sumida River, and countless rickshaw runners, Asakusa also lies in the shadow of a modern Tower of Babel, Tokyo’s Sky Tree. Ancient temples, riffs for miles, vegan curry, and a wildly international mix of metalheads, grindfreaks, and punx, if you’re looking for the next level in extreme music experiences, well, look no further: this is it.


  • An orientation package upon purchase that will get you prepped for Japan
  • A private room for you (and any buds you bring along) at one of Tokyo’s rad hotels
  • Access to one or more underground shows, and their after-parties
  • A vinyl hunting trip at Tokyo’s best record stores
  • A trip to a tattoo-friendly onsen (a clothing optional Japanese spa)
  • A craft brewery and local food outing


Your financial responsibility includes your round-trip flight, entry to venues, food, drink and daily transportation. We cover your taxi to and from the airport and your hotel accommodation, as well as provide the information and organization of the various outings during your stay.

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