It can be intimidating to visit a new country, and breaking into an underground scene is nowhere near as simple as checking Facebook for upcoming shows. We're here to give you insider info on the scene in Japan, as well as make the basic logistics of your trip a hell of a lot easier.

Self Deconstruction

Alright. Here's The Deal.

We pick you up at the airport, put you up in a rad hotel, get you into underground showsafter parties, record store trips, and craft brewery tours, and we stay in touch to make sure that you don't lose your way (unless you're into that).

We cover your transportation to and from the airport as well as your hotel accommodation. We provide the information and organization of the various outings during your stay. Your responsibility includes your round-trip flight, entry to venues, food, drink, and daily transportation.


We've Got You Covered


Underground Shows

We'll get you tickets to the shows you want to see, and help you find the invisibility-cloaked venues. 


After Parties

Thing about Japan is that shows start early, so there's almost always an after-party! Lets get weird!


Record Hunting

While we can't guarantee you'll find what you're looking for, we'll take you to the hot spots. Wink.


Food & Craft Beer

Finding vegan friendly food or craft beer & whiskey isn't as easy as we'd like. But we've got the hook up.



Whether it's hotels, hostels, or house floors, we will find you the ideal place to stay for your budget.



The train system in Japan is pretty easy to use, but we'll be there to save your butt when you get off.

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Come As You Are


Japan isn't all anime, sushi, and strange fashion. Japan's underground music scene is full of colorful personalities, countless languages and a wide variety of genres and styles to lose yourself in each night.

In addition to seeing great bands, you'll find yourself surrounded by people from all over the globe, eager not just to get you into the pit, but to take you to the after party, around the town, and to adventures outside of Tokyo. There's a plethora of unexpected, life-changing experiences to be had, once you're there in person.

And that's what we're in love with: in the depths of the underground, where the amps scream, the drums blast, and the crowd is entranced by the performance, all boundaries fade and people come together. This is as extreme as it gets.


Feeling it? Hit us up to learn more!

Japan's underground is overflowing with events and festivals almost every weekend, but we've chosen some very special events to focus our Tokyo tours around. Get in touch to learn more about what's coming up, or start planning your custom trip with us! Are you feeling it?



Meanwhile, in Tokyo...

We keep our Instagram feed pretty well stocked with pics and video from the Tokyo heavy music scene, so give us a follow and get a sneak preview of the awesome adventure you're in for!



What Kind Of Music Happens In Japan?

ALL THE MUSIC, peeps. Just... In Japan. So it's like. All the music you love. Except upside-down. Made by bands you haven't even dreamed of yet. Half of it in Japanese. And every 10 hours, Godzilla attacks.

Just kidding. That doesn't happen. It might feel that way though. In your heart.


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